Learn and Explore The World Through Play

Curriculum & Learning

Learning through play

Our centres embrace play-based learning. Children are naturally motivated to play. Play-based learning programmes take advantage of this motivation. By exploring and experimenting, children solve problems imaginatively.

Play-based learning involves both child-led and teacher-supported learning. Teachers encourage children’s exploring and learning through interactions that challenge their thinking.

It is also a way to reinforce past learnings and built on knowledge gained from past experiences. To facilitate learning, we offer both structured and spontaneous activities in our centres.

Using the environment as a third teacher

We also draw inspiration from Reggio Emilia, a philosophy embraces the environment as a third teacher.

Embracing all five senses is vital for children’s development, therefore we encourage them to experience all in our surroundings.

Indoor and outdoor experiences are an integral part of our programme as is the concept of Tuakana-Teina, with older children teaching the younger ones.

Children are also encouraged to explore their relationships with other children and the world around them. At the same time, teachers provide opportunities for them to use their own voices and direct their own learning.


Our Teaching Practices

How we embrace play-based learning

The teacher plays a critical role in successful learning through the play programmes. Teaching practices that our centres embrace include: 

  • Offering rich play opportunities with diverse interests
  • Play opportunities based on each child’s prior knowledge and interests
  • Ensuring children have ample opportunity to engage in play
  • Engaging children in meaningful learning conversations that stretch their thinking
  • Understanding and supporting each child’s specific skills and knowledge
  • Providing a platform for social interaction.

Your Child's Learning Plan

A carefully designed curriculum focuses on play-based learning, which includes activities like construction, art, dramatic play, quiet activities, and wellbeing.

Individual learning plans will be created for your child or children based on their interests and needs.

Their skills, knowledge, and age are incorporated into their activities. Our online learning platform captures and shares their learning with you.

Explore more of our centre activities and play areas below.